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Upcoming Events and Clinics

The NorCal Mavericks are excited to announce the following upcoming events for players and supporters.   Advanced sign-up is preferred and highly recommended as we anticipate sell outs for each offering. 

Please click on the links below to register and for more information click on the "Clinics/Registration" tab. 

* Fall Tryouts - Baseball

*  Membership:  General Mavericks Training

* Summer & Fall Tryouts - Softball

Mario Vela

Mario Vela

NorCal Mavericks

Phone: 530.680.0394


370 Ryan Ave. STE 104 & 108

Chico, CA 95973 (Chico Airport)


Team Announcements

June 16, 2019:


June 17, 2019:  

5:30-7:30PM:  10U, 11U, 12U, & 13U Tryouts (Make-Up)

5:30-7:00PM:  Classroom & Skills Workouts (All players not participating in tryouts)

7:00-8:00PM:  Strength & Conditioning (All players not participating in tryouts)

Our Offer:

NorCal Mavericks is dedicated to the advancement of the complete athlete.  Please join us if you are passionate about elevating your game to the next level.  We are looking for players who are hard-working, good teammates, and have goals for higher athletic development.

The Mavericks offer multiple options across all ages and skill levels to help you develop into the best baseball or softball player you can be.

What is a Maverick?

mav·er·ick / ˈmav(Ι™)rik/ noun - an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

Mavericks don't follow the herd.   Mavericks don't give up on the play. Mavericks don't give up on their team. Mavericks don't give up on themselves. Mavericks don't give up on their dreams.  Mavericks grind.

Whether it be baseball, softball, football, or overall athletic development -- if you are willing to put the work into the Mavericks program, the Mavericks program is willing put the work into you.  The average follow the masses; don't be average.  Come join us and find out how our coaches can help you be great.  Become a Maverick today.

Gym Memberships

Discounted memberships at Chico Sports Club available to all Mavericks players

Contact Mario Vela for Details



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Nicholas M. Komas, 


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